COMING SOON: 900mdpl (2022)

Adjusting to the cycle and movement of the stratovolcano, the 3rd iteration of 900mdpl will become an elongated continuum of smaller events to be presented in multiple sites at different times throughout the year of 2022. 

Titled “900mdpl: Genealogy of Ghosts and How to Live with Them”, this final iteration of 900mdpl site-specific project will begin with an intoductory phase consisting of a visual art exhibition centered around Mount Merapi, a small video festival, and a series of artistic proposition/ interventions to promote a more sustainable approach to the daily reality in Kaliurang as a tourism area.

A series of book launch will be the spine of the program to support the continuous process of archiving the space and extend the span of the transgenerational knowledge transmission. The publication will consist of contributions from artists, writers, and academics that were produced during the three editions of “900mdpl”.

The whole project will be presented online through this growing website. Please check our instagram account for latest update on the project, here.


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