. Kaliurang (2019)

 .Museum Seribu Percakapan. 

[Kaliurang - Yogyakarta, 2019]

Museum Seribu Percakapan is a prototype of the Museum of Kaliurang Community (MUKKA) that is created as an attempt to archive the space and as a continuous knowledge transmission of trans-generational memory. The museum begin from a collection of works in 900mdpl exhibition that is held every two years alongside local material archive to create a plural narrative and collecting pieces of history trough remembrance, small talks, and tales as well as mundane details of the daily life, questioning how to create a museum on a land that never stops moving and preserving oral tradition as a possible form of a ‘museum’.

The first edition of this transient museum will be open during the duration of the 900mdpl exhibition and will be featuring works by Anggun Priambodo | Dimaz Maulana | Kelompok Fotografi Kaliurang & Dito Yuwono | Edita Atmaja | Maryanto | Mella Jaarsma | Sandi Kalifadani | Ibnu Banu Harli | Barokah | and local archival material.

The collection will be renewed every other year and the location of the museum will be constantly moving.