My Residency in Kaliurang 


Day one, September 12th  2017

I arrived in Tugu Train Station at 4.30 am. Ordered a Go-Car, headed to “Hong” in Kaliurang, only took 30 minutes to get there, paid the bill : 70 thousands rupiah including discount because I used GoPay.  

Mira greeted, opened the door. 

Before I forgot, there was something bad about the driver, it was his “habit” to ask personal things toward his guest. For me those things are personal and private, and he didn’t realize that his questions were stupid. I said it was habitual because their minds are always the same when thinking about private space.  He asked about who am I visiting in Kaliurang, the next questions can be related to his previous question: “do you often go to Jogja?”; “are you still in college or working?”; “you must be familiar with Kaliurang, don’t you?”; then it came to the question about gender, “… is it a woman that you are visiting?”; I said they are a family, a couple: husband and wife… at this point he must be thinking to himself that he was guessing wrong. Well, I thought his guess decreased his quality as a human. He had too much curiosities about other people’s life hence the questions about things that shouldn’t be asked. At that point, there are private spaces that should be kept private in a professional relationship. At this point, he lost, I guess, and it decreased my judgment, at this point. 

Hong, painted in white, was recently painted because the host left this house for one year residency in Amsterdam.  

Mira made hot ginger drink, coffee, fried potatoes, and yoghurt (this one is for her café at Lir).

Dito woke up shortly after that, joined us and discussed about the art scene and daily life in Kaliurang. 

I went to the front yard and took pictures on anything I like. Sand dunes, rooms, a long ant’s colony. 

It is now 9 am. Chicken’s crowing, the wind moves the hanging ornaments making a particular sounds, and occasionally the voice of other people’s conversation echoed from a distance. 

In the midday, Mira and I trace the route for the exhibition and see the artists’ spot, noting who will be using the certain location, we went to the Mount Merapi’s observation post, I climbed the high building that was build permanently with iron ladders. Then I bought coconut water, visited Mira’s uncle who owns an antique shop. And also visited Pak Kris’s house; his son, Aldrin, is a movie star; the owner of Vogel, a restaurant and hiking tour-guide service. 

We went back to Vogel in the night to talk more intensely with Pak Kris, we met two tourists from France who wanted to hike in the next morning. It cost 320 thousand rupiah each person for foreigner, while for the local people it cost 250 thousands rupiah, including breakfast, lunch, and a guide.

Day two 13/9 Kaliurang

Last night I had a weird dream but I forgot right when I wanted to write it down this morning. In front of the house around 7.30 AM, lots of women enthusiastically sweep and rake their surrounding in a Kerja Bakti (community service). I have showered, made hot ginger. One cigarette was my company. 

I think it is very romantic, the way I write my overview of what I see. No matter where the place is, it is a kind of documentation too. 

In those women’s unified atmosphere, mostly older than fifty years old, who get easier to pickaback children, I sat in the work space facing toward them, writing. I imagine this as one of a movie scene, suddenly a flock of horsemen or a merchant selling lots of flags passing by in a parade. Chaotic.

Knowing someone who work and live there. You may understand what they do in 24 hours. Someone. 

8 o’clock in the morning, climbed up the Plawangan Hill together with Tiara. Right at 9 AM we start to climb, then took picture for Indomie, cooked and ate up on the hilltop. Then we went to Goa Jepang and met Pak Dasri, we headed back at 2 PM. We had lunch at Pecel Bu Parmi inside the market. 

Day Three 14/9 Kaliurang

Today I woke up a little later than usual, I was too tired from hiking the hill yesterday. 

Started to walk around Kaliurang at 11 a.m, went back to the track of the first day visit. Made a visit to Mount Merapi’s Observation Post. Had a conversation with Pak … (I forgot his name). More discussion with him, read the data in posters inside their working room. Then walk around toward Joglo, and then bought young coconut, and had lunch at Vogel. After lunch I ordered coffee to Aldrin, Pak Kris first child. I also read Pak Kris’s scrapbook who at his young age was a sailor man. He quit the job and married a girl from Kaliurang, and stayed while doing new business he “created”: Mount Merapi tour. He was a pioneer at this field and it made him gain achievement in the field of tourism. 

Then, Tiara and I continued to Museum Ulen Sentalu and Warung Ijo. Took lots of homestay’s picture. 

The nightfall is near, I chat with Mira about my project’s plan. The fragments of reality I’ve seen in this village scattered in my head. The interaction of the neighbourhood, and how this local people make the same business, homestay/hostel/hotel/villa in their houses or intent to build a new building as the business field. 

This uniformity was precisely erasing the competition. 

Day Four 15/9 Kaliurang 

This morning, after posting other homework as an Indomie buzzer, I walked around Kaliurang alone to get lots of walking and breath as much fresh air. Made hot ginger and washed dishes from last night. 

I came to see Mbak Yanti to collect information about PAUL (afternoon school for elder member of the community) <> PAUD (toddler school), maybe it could be an interesting resource to trigger inspiration for my work. 

Remembering something because my eyes were gazing at a certain activity for sometime, I thought it was very simple; it belongs to someone and done by them-- her love of motion, unity, rhyme, endurance, dynamic. She has all of them and taught these things to the bodies. There is something different when a person become so passionate and loves a certain activity so much. Then, they are aspired to conquer, there are competition, achievement, trust… 

Those things that belongs to everyone. And then…

And also upon looking at a kid who rides his bike with only one of its wheel in balance. This kid calmly keeping his balance and keep on gliding and the another followed him in the back. It happened in an old tennis yard that had not been used for a long time. Two elementary students, in the afternoon, at a play time. 

Mother I’m tired, I only want to sleep, and make a hot-ginger drink."
She sings while holding a microphone
She sees the children dance in front of a stall
She plucks a high blood pressure-lowering fruit.”

I feel that this writing is not working anymore. 
Seeing what is happening is half of the resource, and then you create the rest. 
How about the appearance that you have been designing like that commercial show? 

I thought in our body that half-pieces are currently happening.
You fill it, you fill it, you form it. 
But you are remembering something close because it is what you remember the most. 

From that story, there is one fragment I remember the most when she fell and said it in Javanese language “Daughter, I fell!”  “…”  “Wait mother, you better lay there for awhile!” 

Or when everything had been presented in front of the television; drinks, snacks-- but she suddenly went out … a neighbour once saw that mother walking in front of her house and said she was walking alone … 

And also her love to sing so that she can memorize. 
Habit is also a thing.  


Day Five, 16/9 Baciro, Yogyakarta

I go down to Jogja after visiting Mba Yanti in her house. 

Welcomed at her porch, I recorded our conversation with a recorder. The overview about Kelas Lansia became clearer. This class was a part of government program, promoting an active life for the elderly after ages eroded them. This class is held once a week on Monday afternoon for two hours. How long this program has been running for? A thing that I wanted to know, because this program also run in many other villages. 

This background information was enough to become the database. Then I found out something that was not only on its surface, by recognizing and digging out the potential of the neighbourhood at any time, the accuracy to recognize a new experience for me and for them too. 

Making a new class was my suggestion after having the conversation with Mba Yanti. Because of her occupation in running PAUD, four days a week, then PAUL’s activity was only held for once a week. So that creating alternative class for the elderly for more than once a week will be her consideration. 

Arranging a new program for the elderly, a program that enables them to do it in group or in person. It can be held outside the PAUL class. The next morning and the day after tomorrow, by adjusting their own schedule. 

Making a video/film is the final plan, after finding out the form, the next problem is: what should be recorded?


The disaster in 2006 and then 2010 were two closest events from now. The impact of the two major events caused by Merapi greatly changed the structure of the community’s life on the slopes of Mt.Merapi. Daily life then changed as nature shows its greatness.

Pak Hari with his flower garden suddenly had to totally stop the activity because the garden was washed away by the volcanic dust. His routine instantly stopped but then it slowly started to crawl, and of course it will not be the same again.

The other big disaster was on 2010 that also had a great impact toward the local people. The big potency of human as a social creature was then proven by the birth of “Tim 9”, who created full strategy to raise the source of living of the surrounding community back in Kaliurang.

“The last memory that will be quickly erased”, “to the last memory”

Like walking along while dancing, ups the hand for dispelling the smoke or explaining the view of the smoke.

Walking rather quickly then it becomes slow, fast and slow.

Taking photographs of people I met and be part of this project?


Yesterday after visiting Mba Yanti, I got an interesting conversation with Pak Hari, her brother. He is an Anthurium farmer. This business was established since 2000. And of course it experiences high and low phases. The disaster in 2006 and 2010 inevitably bring impact to his farm. 

I didn’t expect to meet him. We talk a lot about Anthurium, knew how he nurture his business, how to run the process. I also once imagined what if I get involved in his business. Invested some fund, and return his glory as a farmer and  florist. 
There was a question that I kept and intend to ask, but not in the beginning of the conversation, rather in the middle or in the end. Questioning order. And also there was something that I was afraid to ask too. You keep it buried in a silent room and you won’t say it for now. This kind of questions will get a difficult answer too. 


The existence of a camera makes people act differently. Especially if the camera is recording human and presenting it. What is the point of being recorded and presented? It is answered by its first function. Then the next thing appear because human intelligence develops to see the others function of a certain medium. 
What is the main-function for … ? 

Day Six 17/9 Kaliurang 

This morning I continued to shave the wood to make a stick and make a pedestal from cement sack for me to sit while selling the sticks. At nine o'clock in the morning, Mira, Dito, and I go to Goa Jepang area but it still empty; so we finally go to Pasar Tlogo Putri, an entrance to Plawangan Hill; there are more crowd and I can start selling my sticks there.

This idea appeared when I went to the Plawangan hill and enjoy walking up and down the hill by using a stick that made the trip easier. Then I got an idea to sell this stick around Kaliurang tourism sites. By utilizing woods around here which is certainly easy to get.

The first site was disserted because it is a bit far from the entrance gate of the hill, after thirty minutes I moved near the entrance. And finally, people began to get curious about the stick. Some of them asked: what is that? What is it for? Not many tourists needed this stick, or they were even a bit confused whether they might need it to go up the hill or not. 

Waiting and getting response are interesting. There was something I got, and it was an expectation, it perfected what I was doing. Tidied up my stall, seeing other people, interact with the other visitors, explaining what I was doing; those were precious. 

Day Seven 18/9 Kaliurang 

Today is a laundry day; I drink ginger-water, jogging, and walking to Kaliurang hillside. Then prepared myself to go to PAUD, along with Mira and Wid. I met Mbak Yanti, then conducting on a long conversation with Bu Ani, the respected elder of Kaliurang, who was once a headmaster and now run this PAUD and PKK. 

In the afternoon I attended the weekly class for elderly, it was attended by 30 senior citizens. The activities were including gymnastic, praying, declaring Pancasila, singing Indonesia Raya, singing Kaliurang Anthem, and others selected songs accompanied by a musician playing keyboard along. It took almost two hours before they start eating their packed meal together. 

In becoming old, try cheering up the day is one’s own duties that will eventually happen.  They seem so happy to be in the class and do those activities together. It makes their spirit young. 

Tonight we watched That Sugar Film. An interesting experiment of whether human are able to balance their sugar level inside their body, because everything we consume are inevitably depended on food industry around us, and within that circle the sugar industry also grows up. An extreme human experience to keep their health and avoid “bad sugar” within our daily meal, pre-cooked food, pre-packaged food that we don’t know of and ignored how these food are produced and then we are trapped by them. 

Even in the more complex life, a great experiment is really needed and the impacts are also big in our life. Entering new life will change perspective and to live it with novelty, as what I internalized in my mind, make me always think that there is no time to think to learn more new things.  

Day Eight 19/9 Kaliurang 

This morning I washed the dishes, tidied up video file, made ginger-water, having morning walk and jogging, bought Pecel and caramelized tofu for breakfast. On the way, I met a lady who picks Kantil flower when I was hiking the hill, I had time to walk and jog too. What did you get from this routine which you repeat almost every day, the question settled in my mind peacefully by not reacting and waiting and ask for … but one’s self is the most important. 

You always look at the flowers on the side of the road, the kind of flowers that I often saw during my childhood. Flowers that grow on vast lands, as well as the types of plants that was popular at the time, and is still here because this area has not changed much after all. Though there were so many disasters in this area. But it didn’t change the plants significantly.

And all those homestays that I always pass, during the day the workers will check if they need to sweep or just sitting around. And there are also lots of newly built homestays, so the workers can just sit around while staring at their phone. Since the emergence of an issue about land acquisition by the royal family, there are also “old” residents who build the new buildings as the compensation, it can be villa or restaurant. So there will be lots of wreckage and new building style here. Eventually, Kaliurang style will change along with its plenty of currently under-construction new building 

At ten o’clock in the morning I went to Mount Merapi’s Observation Post, took video footage of the CCTV that was located around Mount Merapi. And also a tool where the ink needles make a graph of the mountain activity. 

I need to make more sticks to be shared to the elders on the next Thursday at the afternoon walk toward Kaliurang Park. Those sticks will be useful. I will take the wood on the way I go up from Yogya to Kaliurang tomorrow.

When I saw and listened to the grandmas who gathered and sing along, I was reminded about how it feels to be old like them someday.  Will I also get together with my fellow elders  and rejoice in that way, sing along and dance. I also remembered my mother in Tangerang. How is she doing right now?

Day Nine 20/9 Baciro 

Yesterday afternoon I, D and M went down to Yogya to attend the opening of Archive Festival at UGM. Seeing a new great exhibition again. Even though it was held in a small scale but the exhibition had important productions, especially for Lab Laba Laba. We (as Lab Laba Laba) rarely have an opportunity to be a part of an exhibition.  
I also met Rambo and had a long conversation about his perspective on works and environment in Jakarta, the city where we come from.  Because the opportunity to talk like that is not habitual in Jkt. Everyone has a certain personal wall, and they need to be warmed up. But the curiosity is needed to be triggered and will always happen to those who craved for questions raised from oneself. 

Making new addition to the icon pictures of Kaliurang. // Why did Yogyakarta residents do not really want to know about Kaliurang aside from a place to escape for a while?

You seek for the form again. After this morning you have seen the way people communicate, of course with their symbol and the way they interact. Foods, people’s activity, neighbourhood, symbol … 

I think it is also good to maximize the role of the assistant. I should give them more job desk as an important part. Divide the role. As a more obvious group. It is not the time for brainstorming anymore. Yet, directly jump and participate::::

Organize this work. 


At 11 a.m I met Tiara – Fitro in JNM and also Mira and Dito. Tiara and I went up to Kaliurang. Bought cigarette in a perfect tobacco shop near Tugu. Then bought two packs of Bika Ambon for tomorrow’s event with the elderly. Had lunch at Bu Bagyo, its Lotek and Gado-gado are perfect! On the way to Kaliurang we bought young coconut, we stop because I was too sleepy on the ride with Tiara. 

At 1 p.m we arrived, take a break, reading – writing. At 3 p.m we went down to take the Sengon wood to make Tomer (the walking stick). In the afternoon we made the Tomer out of the wood until the sun goes down. At night after dinner, I continued the reading-writing session and watch movie. Right at 11 pm I went to sleep. 

Day Ten, 21/9 Kaliurang

Today is national holiday, Javanese’s new year. 

The brain always tells us to continuously take stuff. For instance, when our brain allows that sugary stuff after they have been preceded; our brain ask for more, again and again. Controlling the self is a very difficult thing. There is a reflect made by our brain sensory which tells us to take it, do it, done that already, because the sensory is the next brain’s effort of what the brain got. Self care is the other word. Always blocking the things that immediately processed by the brain as a flash reactive. Sweetness is a taste which sensation causes a continuous effect. Certainly..   

“Stuck in a continuous taste” 

Does anything continuous dangerous? I don’t say that it is not good, but I would prefer if we know and realize that dominant repetition is not good. The symptoms may appear, because we were once entering the state. We did it before. We once get into the idealized-condition and of course it was not forever. We were once trapped in the condition because we had the conscious effort. 
I am remembering about how anything is called “succeed” those many elements you made was an achievement a result from exploration, closeness, honesty, romanticism, dejavu, memory. 

Of course I will not say that there is a sensation on … 

Day Eleven 22/9 Kaliurang 

Took the wood again, recorded Kampung Lampion area. 

Feeling so alive when there are lots of things to do, take a rest at the same time, to contemplate, reading and writing, repeat it every day, every hour, move dynamically, I have an assistant who always pleased to ride me everywhere around Kaliurang, her name is Tiara.  

And above all, I am not afraid to be failed, I am not afraid to be judged as a, b, c, etc. I am too happy to express my ideas, and those ideas can be interpreted with various points of view. And also when for the first time I was doing a lot of new things. This opportunity has come to me, I speak, I think, I see too. My activity is new. In an environment I knew, so its resources are seen vividly. You and I are able to do this in our own town too, that is why I always lie to myself, as if I am merely a tourist for several days in our town. 

In short, when I want to do what I or you want, as simple as wanting to take a walk to that stall one hundred meters away. I know it because I have enjoyed it. You are not afraid at all of the thing that we do now, whether it is worn or precious, it is because everything you do is precious. 

Like making book about “recorded a forgotten playground”, writing “how to make photograph by using tennis yard’s remnant”.

“A Bloody History of Tennis Yard”, “The Last Game”

Day Twelve 23/9

Woke up at four in the morning and prepared myself to go to Vogel for hiking Mount Merapi. Had breakfast with bread and egg, there were two tourists from London who were also about to hike. I write it on the communal journal when I arrived back at Vogel at eleven o’clock and followed with lunch together. Eleven kilometres track had already passed by, it was a very satisfying experience. 

We walked fast enough, because we had a target to see the sunrise in a certain location. Actually, it would be more relaxed if we were not walking that fast and it will make the walk more enjoyable, enjoy what we passed by, while stopping for a second to enjoy the landscape. But maybe next time if we’re not joining any group we can enjoy it more and relax. 

It was the first time I saw the village where Almarhum Mbah Maridjan once stayed, it becomes a museum now. In front of the museum his family build a restaurant/foodstall and souvenirs. We can access the story about the big disaster that happened in 2010, we can read and see from the photograph, text, and many other artefacts that was left behind, abandoned, such as gamelan, kitchen set, ruined car, household.

Before I forgot, when we arrived at Vogel our lunch menus were really “great”, as Pak Chris said in the morning before we started hiking. There were five kind of chopped fruits, bread filled with cheese and egg, and fried rice, and everything was in jumbo portion. We cannot eat them all because one portion of each menu can be shared for four persons. I ordered coffee then go back to Hong. 

This afternoon I met Banon and his friend. I think that would be a long list if we count on what should we all do. And finally, we will re-arrange what and how we fill the next plan which is of course related with our focus today. Oh I am also talking too far sometimes, as always … enter the whirl of pointless conversation then imagine beyond the limit, but it is what we called discussion, after all … a diverse meeting that count our views must be change each perspective, more or less. 

Day Thirteen 24/9

Today I try to record anything popular for Kaliurang local people. Foods, restaurants, tourism, figures, local people activities. 

I am still working with Tomer, I continued this morning. At nine a.m I will be back to peddle in a destination called Wisata Tlogo Putri. This time I will try to lent out this Tomer to those who wants to hike, with no rental cost. They have to return it or if they want it, they can also buy it at the end. 

Walking in a long route especially in this open nature is very affectious for my mind, I feel peace. The right equipments are also very good for the activities without constraints. I got a fit body, so I was not easily get tired. And I don’t hurry when I was hiking, because I just want to enjoy the trip. 

Domination of thought 

Of course about family/son
About the works you work on 
About social and politic phenomenon that happens in society … 

Be a part of those who protest against the opposite of your conscience, how they control it so that it can be subjugated. I still thinking that the activity is wrong 
Only with thinking about what is the cause and effect above I immediately get triggered, my thought actively try to map it. Then, lots of plan appeared, and the flashes of something that could be done. 

Digging the source that can be processed will be the excitement. Then try to look for the information about that, doing research on who and how they work on, of course it become wider even though it has different interpretation, it depend on how they interpret the “job”, and at the end looking for a small group can be sharpened the research in personal. Rather than just guessing. 
Especially when making gambar umbul which will always be pleasurable. Seeing coloured picture in grids becomes my addiction. (The end) 

Day Fourteen, 25/9 Kaliurang



I am back again to Kaliurang this morning, welcomed by a car accident around Sleman. As if I’m seeing @tmcpoldametrojaya Instagram account-- one of the excitements is seeing the pictures of vehicle accidents in Jakarta. Every weekend there will be lots of accident. Now I see it freshly before my eyes. A white car with an F licence plate. It came from Bogor and had accident in Sleman. Bogor – Sleman not in a round-trip. 

At 6 a.m I arrived at Hong but didn’t want to immediately come in. I though it will disturb the host who were still sleeping. They might go to sleep very late this night, and still need more time to sleep. The opening is near; they must be very tired and have lots of urgent works to do. I lit a cigarette and sit in the porch, not long enough before I get hungry, I started to walk toward the park where a Pecel stall was located. 

When I got there the stall wasn’t yet ready. I went toward Bude Han (Aunt Han) stall, I will use this chance to ask about the school time, because I have a plan to sell gambar umbul in front of the elementary school, when the students go to school and go home. Bude Han’s stall is located beside SD (elementary school) Kaliurang 1, selling a variety of snacks, the warm snacks are only fritters and meatball. 

At that time Bude Han was currently making meatballs, small bulbous. The fritters were still warm; I took Tempe and a green chilli pepper. Then Mira greeted via WA, asked where was I. She got jealous when I said I was eating Tempe at Bude Han’s stall.  I bought Tempe and Bakwan for our breakfast at Hong. After having chit-chat with Bude Han I said goodbye, and took a picture in front of SD to see its condition and to find a place for my selling. 

In the mid-day, it’s a time to prepare my display at Wijaya 3 a place where “Anjelir” will be presented. 
1/11 Kaliurang

Today 900mdpl is officially open for public. 

In the morning I have to check my laptop to watch short movie that was sent by UMN, as a jury duty. Didn’t completely finished I have to hurry up, run to Joyo. The opening will be held at ten o’clock. 

I try to write this note shortly, tired, and it really fully scheduled today. I think everyone must be happy and satisfied. I’m also happy with the opening ceremony, each artist told the story behind their works, and also the explanation from Mira. Lots of local people attend this opening they dressed immaculately neat. I didn’t see the youngster, there were only the elders.  Not to forget the delicious food, Tumpeng Munjung with the side dishes, eggs, tempe, chicken, urap. And also the traditional foods; klepon, kue lapis, martabak.  Sweet tea was also always fully served. 

2/11 Kaliurang 

This morning I went to SD Kaliurang 1 to sell my Gambar Umbul. The price for each piece of paper was two thousands rupiah. Evidently, seven o’clock in the morning was not a right time. The students have to hurry up to go to classroom. I went back to the school at ten o’clock , because eleven o’clock was the time when the school was over for most of the students (first until fourth grader students) 

When I started to sit down and prepared my stuff, a Cincau peddler who rode motorcycle came. He immediately came to me after parking his motorcycle. He said the place where I was sitting in was his spot, he also greeted me nicely and shake my hand. He ask about how my peddling today, while seeing what kind of selling I sell. He must be confused about what I sell now. It is not usual for a toy dealer to sell those types of pictures. I feel like I was the same with him, as if I am one of the many other merchant he may see in every place where he sells his selling. He informed me about several events that will be held next week. He also told me about the advantage of joining the merchant’s cooperation, to be in part with the big family of peddler. He suggested me to join the group. Beside knowing personally others peddler, it will be easier just in case if there is any trouble with paddling, there is also a chance to win the three million rupiah grant as a surprise. 

The monthly dues for each person is one hundred thousand rupiah, the group consist of thirty peddlers. 

While waiting for the school time, I questioned a lot about his experience as a peddler. 

Right at eleven o’clock the kids started to come out. Only need to explain how to play the game, and they immediately bought it. For them, two thousands rupiah is not expensive. Especially because I took down the price: three thousands for two pieces. 

So that lots of kids bought up those pictures. 

For one fully hour I didn’t stop talking to the kids, explaining many times how to play this gambar umbul and doing transaction, until I forgot to drink water. I also did a cutting service for the picture by using scissor.   

There was also a kid who preferred to go home first and then back to me to buy after changed his cloth. Some kids were cycling, some others were walking. 

There was a kid who bought 4 pieces gambar umbul, and he keep up with me until I close my sale because he didn’t yet get picked up by his parent on a motorcycle. After I asked, his house indeed far from the school. He companied me to chat but he also insisted to keep on buying with the cheapest price.  

Once a religion teacher headed toward me, two kids who sat in front of me whispered that the teacher was staring at them. When the teacher came to me I feel like I was afraid, I didn’t  know why, I was afraid if the teacher will drive me away and forbid me to sell in front of the school. I fell like she was a Municipal Police, and I forgot that this was a 900mdpl project and I was doing “intervention”. I started to stand up and gave the example picture to her.  

Tiara came after and companied me while documenting with taking pictures and videos, it seemed there will be lots of moment she took. Previously, I only used iphone camera to document it. 


This morning at ten o’clock I headed to SD 2 Kaliurang with Mira and Edita who will also open her plant shop. I arrived and decided on the selling location. This elementary school has two fences; front and back, so the students who came out to go home must be divided into two polars.   

I intended to choose front fence. Started to roll out an eye-catching yellow carpet, then arranged the picture on it. Security school was the first person who came to me. He got really excited to see the content of gambar umbul, foods, public figures whom he knows in person, tourism site. “You are skilled” said the security in Javanese language. Not different with the meatball peddler who came right after me, he also said “it’s cool bro!”, “come on, buy this up!” he said to the mothers who picked up her children. And sure enough, those mothers bought almost a half of today’s selling. I got  nearly eighty thousands rupiah, only about ten thousand rupiah dissimilar with yesterday’s income.  

Those mothers who swarmed me gave many suggestion about several sites, foods, restaurants, hotel, which was not yet included in the picture. I said hopefully the next edition will be happened. I’m not really sure, but actually it must be very interesting to continue this project. 

In Kaliurang there are only these two elementary school. If I want to sell to the different school in the next day, I have to go down to Pakem. 


This morning at ten o’clock was peddling at SD 1 Kaliurang again. Not much buyer this time, because most of them have bought my selling in the first day. But at this time there have been several sixth grader students buying. Because when I was peddling in the previous days I already went home before their school was over. Lots of second and third grader students asked to be told about the picture in gambar umbul. “Thanks for the story telling”, this was what they said as a goodbye before they go home. I’m happy because this picture could be a story to tell, because each picture have relation to another picture, like the picture of Pak Hari and Mbak Yanti, the picture of Goa Jepang and Pak Dasri, Mbah Carik and Jadah Tempe. 

After I finished my sale at 12 o’clock I go to Joyo because a friend from Jakarta who’s having his job at Jogja visited me. He was Aldo, he works at Bank Indonesia but runs Papaya Records, and active in a collective called “Studiorama”.
We have our lunch then continued with walking tour until afternoon. A heavy rain comes, makes this tour become more exciting.